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Is it Really That Hard to Find a Job Today?

In 2016 with the United States unemployment rating hovering just under 5%, it seems it’s tougher than ever to get out there and find the right job. Some people even say that the more menial and less attractive jobs are even harder to get because of the large pool of competition trying to get one single job. With homelessness on the rise, and a record number of students with large amounts of debt, you’ll need more than a degree or certification to stand out from the crowd.

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However, this fate doesn’t have to be yours, and with the right knowledge, motivation, and a bit of cunning, not only can you find a job, but there’s a good chance you can even find the job you wanted all along, it just depends on how and where you look.

Preparation Makes It Easier

If you’re well organized from the start not only will your job search be easier for you, you’ll also find that the same organization skills you’ve honed, will come out to your potential employer. Find out if a resume writer is needed, and be sure to have a great cover letter prepared. Even more, keeping things in order can ensure you’re always on time, and prepared for any question or test that comes your way when looking for a job.

Keep Yourself Upgraded

I know it sounds like an odd term for a person, but it couldn’t be more true. You need to always be evolving your skill-set and your education to prepare for the future. You will increase your chances of being hired, along with the ability to step in and say “Yes, I can handle that challenge.” which makes employers even more excited. Take some time out of the week to learn online, or go to a local seminar if possible. Whatever it takes to keep evolving for the better.

Use LinkedIn Like A Madman

We can’t tell you how many people we’ve helped find a job through LinkedIn. So many people over the past 5 years have attested to the fact that LinkedIn is a great resource for finding a job, and putting yourself in the crosshairs of your ideal employer. Be sure to have an up to date LinkedIn profile with as many endorsements and recommendations for your experience as much as possible. Many, many employers and recruiters are using LinkedIn to learn more about their potential employee, and if your profile stands out, you have a fighting chance in the sea of competition.

finding a job

Don’t Get Discouraged

Often times, people will get bogged down and lose motivation when looking for jobs. Especially in such a competitive atmosphere as we find ourselves in today. The key here is to be patient, stay organized, and keep pushing forward. Nobody just “falls” into the right job, and being “in the right place, at the right time” isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’ve got to get there first. Be sure to keep your head up, take time away from job searching, and do things that relax you.

Finally, remember, your goal is to be a more educated, experienced, and standout applicant in this process, and the only way to do that is to follow these simple rules above, trust your instincts, and follow your own path.

We hope these tips help you, and be sure to share or comment if you find they’ve helped you!

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